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Money Mindfulness Matters: Its time to adjust

Credit to Dr. Sonya D. Hawthorne in this week's session we talked about adjusting. Adjust means to alter or move in order to achieve the desired result or goal. Adjust also means to adapt, pivot, shift, make a change.

We are in a time where things are shifting and changing rapidly and I do mean rapidly. I submitted and requested in mid September that you start focusing in on the next 90 days to bring your finances into balance. Start saving and paying off debt under the unction of Holy Spirit. This has not been me just saying hey save money and pay off debt just for the fun of it. Matter of fact it has been on my lips for the whole year. There truly is a transfer of wealth and power coming! Simply look all around you. What has been happening in the world's economy to benefit you as the consumer? Outside of stimulus checks! I'll wait!!!!

The everyday consumer is losing while the wealthier are setting up to get more. Food prices, gas prices, automobile prices, almost everything we use and need is going up but not our paychecks, pensions or retirement funds. This is the reality of the world right now. The interest rates are about to adjust again and those credit card bills are going require higher payments if you have a card that does not have a fixed interest rate. Mortgage interest rates are rising as well as the average cost of homes while the paycheck has not changed and for some, the paycheck has stopped since some businesses have closed. Stocks are bottoming out, big losses over 60%.

***It is time for you to really look at the reality of your financial situation. You have to make some adjustments to sustain your financial picture.

Is it the right time to buy the new car when the prices have changed over $8000-$10000 in a 12 month period. You may have to shift your plan and look at maybe some used cars that are in the same family of what you desire or maybe the previous year of the very car you desire.

Is it the right time to buy the house? If your budget is tight now, then what will your budget look like with a mortgage payment. Is the mortgage you already have fixed or on the variable Arm which means it changes every so many years or even sooner as the feds change the interest rates on an annual date. These types of loans only work well if you take advantage of the lowest season to refinance before the change that increases your payment as the interest rate rises.

Are your credit cards on fixed interest or variable interest rates? It is time you start paying more attention to your credit card statements.

There is nothing wrong with making adjustments and pivoting from the direction you were going in. If you are wavering about making a decision about a purchase or move, seek wise counsel after you pray. I will definitely say to pray about the direction you are taking and seek God for instructions before you run to someone else. Be willing to adjust as God leads and willing to adjust your budget and financial picture to get to your desired goals. Be willing to put in the work to reach your goals and achieve the purpose.

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