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What happens when potential doesn’t meet the present?

On today you have potential to be whatever God has called you to be according to his plans for

your life. Problem many people have is, we have our own plans that we did not seek God about. See I planned in Middle School I was going to be a Registered Nurse so I could help people who needed to be cared for. It is and was a heart’s passion to care for people especially pre-mature infants since my daughter was born four pound five and a half ounces at thirty-two weeks gestation. Well after graduation I had To decide which path would help me care for my baby so I joined the Army instead of taking one of the many full scholarships to college. I wanted to be a provider for my daughter and make her proud of me one day. I enlisted on a two year 29 week contract for active duty, I can laugh now. I ended up serving twenty-one years and two weeks. I joined the Army thinking I would become a nurse but was place in communications.

This was only the being of God rerouting my plans to fit his Will for my life. See I had the potential to be a great nurse, it ran deep in our family. I would even go with my Bonus Mom to her jobs in home health care nursing seeing everything and none of it phased me. I asked all the deep questions, watched how gentle she was with everyone from newborn babies to the elderly in transition. It made me love nursing even more. my family just knew I was going to be a nurse. The joke truly was on all of us. Well God, communications it is and later at re-enlistment I was going to enlist in a new MOS. Ha ha, the Army said nope we need you to stay in communications, there is a shortage so I reenlisted. I was in communications my full military career, I never became a nurse but I did take care of people in multiple ways. I worked with young Soldiers who were pregnant and taught them through Pregnacy and Postpartum Physical fitness Program at multiple bases throughout my career. I was present numerous times in the Labor and Delivery to support Soldiers who had no family present during the birth of their babies. God allowed me to still fulfill a hearts desire to care for people.

Having potential that does not meet the present is arrested development for many people. They get stuck not progressing in life. Some literally stop moving forward. Have you ever meet that person who every conversation is of the past. They never talk about what is happening now or in the future. They literally only talk about the good ole days were like or back when. The potential of what could be never met their present at any moment. It simply stopped for them for one reason or another. You have the unction to write a book, started and never put the work or focus in to complete it and one day see someone wrote something very similar to what was on your heart to write. Well God was waiting on you to put in the work but you failed to move. The potential of becoming an Amazon number one best selling author was in your hands but you failed to put in the effort and time to write. Here is my word for you, next time you get the unction to move, take the step!

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