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Positioned By Love

Genesis 29:18-20 - A portion of Jacob’s life, where he works to receive the hand of the woman that he loves. Laban promises the hand of his daughter, Rachel if Jacob works for him for seven years. Those seven years seemed as a few days for the love he had for Rachel in verse 20. At the completion of seven years, Jacob doesn’t receive the woman he loves he receives her older sister Leah, verse 26. So Jacob by his love for Rachel works another seven years to receive her as his wife. Now Jacob both sisters as his wives when he worked so hard to receive the one woman he truly loved by trickery from Laban their father.

The position of Jacobs love cost him fourteen years to get the prize, Rachel.

Joshua 2:1-21 Rahab helps the spies who were sent out by Joshua and in a kind act she hides them to keep them from being found. In return in verse 12 Rahab has them to swear they will show the same kindness unto her family so they would be saved along with their possessions from death. They swear by their lives as long as she keeps their business They would save her family and honored their word.

Here Rahab could have easily saved herself yet the love of her family positioned them to be saved from death. What a selfless act of love by Rahab!

Ruth 2-4 Ruth was the daughter-in-law of Naomi of Moab, who’s husband and sons died leaving her as a widow and no grandchildren. This left the two daughter-in-laws to decide if they were going to remain with her to care for her even though she had no more sons they could marry. Ruth by her love decided to remain with Naomi and become her family. Ruth left her culture behind to follow Naomi and even serve the God Naomi believed in. Naomi teaches Ruth what to do and how to work throughout the fields to provide food and shelter for them. Naomi also teaches Ruth how to find favor with the land owner of the fields she is gleaning from. Seeing her at his feet Boaz bides to the kinsman to purchase the land of Naomi and Ruth her daughter-in-law to preserve the name of their dead so it will not be cut off and care for Naomi the widow. The kinsmen passed on buying it and gave way for Boaz to buy Elimelech’s and his sons land and take ownership and Ruth as his wife and took on the care of Naomi the widow.

Ruth’s love for Naomi positioned her for a greater latter season. Naomi’s love for Ruth lead her to give Ruth instruction on finding her Boaz. Naomi also cared greatly for the child of Ruth and Boaz.

Exodus 2:1-10 Moses birth mother act of love placed him in position to mature into his purpose and live. Moses sister Miriam’s act of love was keeping watch over her brother when Pharoah’s daughter takes the baby from the Nile and upon request seeks her mother to nurse Moses at the request of Pharaoh’s daughter as a stranger.

Pharoah’s daughter was in position to compassionately receive Moses at the Nile, he was coming down the very Nile that was suppose to take his life was the method used to save his life and she receive him into the house of Pharoah. Her love over him as a mother nurtured and protected him into adulthood of his life. He then left her after receiving revelation of his heritage and went on to fulfill God’s purpose.

John 3:16. God gave his only son, Jesus out of obedience Jesus got into position and laid down his life for our sins.

Love can put you in position for your destiny. Love can help you walk out your purpose. Let love pit you in position for greater!

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