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Don't give up!

The way life looks today is very different from last year, two years ago, and even five years ago. Things can easily become overwhelming as stress is at an all time high. Our world systems are changing, the cost of everyday living, shifts in jobs, the climate, and effects of the pandemic have all made impact. The changes over the last two plus years have brought some light to our lives as well. We showed the work industry that we as people can work harder from the comfort of being home. Our children had to adjust to digital learning and new ways of coping with the lack of social interaction. We became more innovative in getting things done and creativity was on full display. More people became entrepreneurs and authors throughout the pandemic. Our mental and physical wellness was put to the test as we lost love ones, friends, and holiday gatherings. Digital interaction became a normal way of living daily. When it was time to interact in person it was an extremely welcomed change. We gained freedom within the boundary of a new normal.

This is where things got interesting in our new normal. There were so many changes to how we operated within the pandemic that many people didnt want to return to work. There were some people who made more money not working through unemployment than those who were working. Then there is the awakening of job selection where finally people saught out the jobs that pay more maney and gives them freedom to be remote workers. There has been a shift in demand for the types of jobs people are willing to work. More people are seeking certifications and degrees to walk into better paying jobs. Parents have developed better relationships with their children through greater understanding of the challenges they now face compared to when we were their ages. There has been more school threats, shootings, and fights within the schools that our children do not have the same measure of safety that we had when we were children. Going to school for my generation was joyful not fearful. School dances, games and events were the highlight of meeting up with friends, now its a big decision just to be out in groups. This has pushed more people into awareness and prayer.

This is where I tell you Don't give up! Somewhere within you, you desire to have a joyful life and it is so possible. If we would shift our perspective and perception about what is before us. Refuse to see the glass as half empty but rather look at the beauty of what remains. Things have absolutely changed in our lives and just as sure as you are reading this, you are alive. The grief of losing family, losing jobs, losing connections changed many people mentally and our eveyday routines. The experiences are and were real. Now is the time to make up your mind to keep living and pressing forward. There were things we can not change, so we acknowledge and start stepping forward. It does not mean we forget, we just choose to live. The pain we experienced from the careless actions of others, the pain of rejection and disappointments can place you in a place of arrested development where you feel you can't move. I am here to tell you that your life is still worth living. There is so much value in you, Yes it hurt, yes the pain is real but you have to get up and keep going. You have to LIVE and not let life pass you while the mud thickens in your mind. You have to start watering your mind and heart to wash away the mud. You know what I mean, mud is the negative thoughts to have you in bondage. You have to come out of that mindset and know yoiu were living before the hurt and you have to chose to live NOW. Stop competing and comparing your life to others around you. Their life journey is differnet than yours and timeline of events will not be the same. Your personal goals and aspirations are not theirs.

You may have to adjust the timeline for completion of the degree, the timeline for completion of the goals but the beauty is that you still have the life that allows you to press forward. If you quit then the time no longer matters. If you quit then someone will miss your testimony of the test to help them overcome. You quitting will prohibit you from reaching into purpose and pulling out the power of completion and finishing. Quitting will overtake you and become a new normal. You are not allowed to just quit on yourself. Others can quit on you but you are not allowed to quit on YOU. I am here to tell you that you matter, your life matters and your purpose must come forth into the earth. You are more than capable of reaching your goals with work and dedication. Now reach forward and step into the life you so desire. Don't give up!

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